What do 48 of every 100 kids in Brevard have in common?

They lack, or have limited access to, adequate care. 

Together, we can change that.  

What do 48 of every 100 kids in Brevard have in common?

They lack, or have limited access to, adequate care. 

Together, we can change that.  

CARE for ALL Kids Screening Campaign

Our goal is $20,000 by January 2019

Niños Health will bring rapid access to care by developing a technology platform so that mental health and neuropsychological screenings can be widely available at community events and in a newly developed clinic. 

Care in our community

48% of children in Florida have government insurance such as Medicaid, CMS, CHIP or have no insurance. These programs do not pay or reimburse for neuropsychological services such as diagnostic testing.

Often times, children with chronic medical conditions such as epilepsy, cancer, and brain injury have access to expensive medical procedures to keep them alive and survive but then there are limited resources for mental health and academics, reducing quality of life. Limited access to behavioral health means that children with neurodevelopmental delays, learning disabilities, ADHD, Autism, anxiety, and depression get delayed or inadequate diagnosis or treatment, leading to poor educational, social, emotional, and employment outcomes.

Brevard by the Numbers

Out of nearly 110 thousand children in our community, 45% live with chronic medical conditions or mental illnesses.


ADHD: 10,000+


Developmental Delay: 7,400+


Brain Injury/Concussion: 7,100+


Oppositional Defiant Disorder: 6,000+


Learning Disability: 4,200+


Anxiety: 4,100+


Depression: 2,700+


Autism: 1,600+


Epilepsy: 650+


Tourette's: 600+


Cancer: 15+

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Niños health is a network of specialized experts and partners that delivers innovative, culturally responsive care for children and families who are struggling with conditions that affect cognitive, behavioral, emotional, physical and social development.

We are committed to instilling hope for a sustainable future for children and families by providing the highest standard of care, advancing high impact science of the developing brain and empowering parents, teachers, professionals, legislators and communities to support their needs.



To create a socially responsive and sustainable place that facilitates the full potential of all children and families who struggle with conditions that affect development through innovative and diverse collaboration.

Centralized network of multicultural/multilingual experts and community partners, free online resources for children and families, to reduce stigma and increase social integration, facilitate development of full potential for children and families plus community.